Azam 2017

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Assalamualaikum..wahh what has been possessing me to do this kind of post haha..jk..Actually since i've now slowly turning to a state of maturity *ceh matured lah sangat kan,balik rumah duk berkejar ngan adik je selalu* haha,well matured lah sikit kan dari dulu,if you scroll down to my old posts,there is a lot of rubbish things i've written down here y'know haha..memang tak matang,semua benda kalau boleh nak tulis kat sini..dulu aku pernah sampai addicted dengan blogging,sampai belajar pun kurang *but i still ace my studies hihi* and even my mom realized how much i've changed ever since i started blogging..

Sedar tak sedar dah nak dekat 6 tahun dah aku blogging..well eventhough i do not blog as much as i did before but still blogging holds a special place in my heart *emoji heart*'s like my own life diary..i decided to post everything that i feel like i want to remember for the whole of my life..well sometimes memories need to be written down or captured;blogging and pictures..from that we can turn back to our old times when one day we are old enough,we'll smile and be grateful we capture every memories that we had.

That's why if you see my posts about scholarships,interviews,results or whatsoever lah kan regarding my academic,then you should not think that i'm cocky or showing off because honestly,in my life,i admit that academic is the best thing i could that's why i'm always excited to write down here about something like my scholarships interviews or etc because i enjoy writing about it..and it's also beneficial to other students's not being showing off ok *kenyit mata sebelah*..tapi takde la result exam setiap sem nk up sini kan haha..

Azam 2017:

1.Maintain cgpa above 2.7(syarat penaja)
2.Kalau boleh la,tak berangan tinggi nak 4 flat,dapat deanlist pun da cukup baik..
3.Nak saving!!
4.Pandai jaga kewangan
5.Dapat jadi groupmate/projectmate yang lebih function
6.Tak main2 buat quiz,test dan assignment.
7.Do not give a damn to anyone who might not like/hate me


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