Good Bye 2012

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a year of bittersweet..
one of the bitterness is when my mother and my friend,Izyan got to the hospital because they were having the dengue fever... :'(
one of the sweetness is of course when i got my PMR's result..
Alhamdulillah,23 of my school's PMR candidates got straight A's..
whether my other besties like Izyan and Qairanee didn't get as me,Wahida and Jannah got..
I still proud with them..
because they already did their best..

and that is my class..
they are all awesome..
this moment is when the result came out..
from left-Humairah,Izyan,me and Yaya
okay,i know,my face is a bit weird in that picture ..
btw,sorry  for some grammatical errors..
-nobody is perfect-

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